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  • Diabetes Management

    If you find yourself in need of diabetes treatment or diabetes testing Ozone Park Quality Care Medicine PLLC is your best choice.

  • Pelvic/PAP Exams

    At our professional medical facility we offer Pelvic/PAP Exams for your convenience and medical analysis.

  • Allergies Treatment

    There have lots of treatment options for allergies. Over-the-counter and prescription medications can recover allergies.

  • Asthma Treatment

    Asthma can be managed with rescue inhalers and controller inhalers that prevent symptoms.

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Leading Internist, Dr. Musammat Jahan, MD

Dr. Musammat R. Jahan is a highly experienced and respected physician who has been in practice for more than 14 years. Her medical career started in 2003, when she graduated from the Comilla Medical College in Bangladesh. Dr. Jahan then completed an internship at Comilla Medical College Hospital, and later entered private practice in the United States.

As an esteemed internist with a wealth of top level experiences, Dr. Jahan diagnoses treats a wide variety of conditions for her patients of all ages, as well as providing medical examinations and administering vaccination shots. Conditions treated by her include diabetes, hypertension, obesity, anxiety, allergies, skin infections, asthma and bronchitis.

Dr. Jahan has quickly become known for her excellence as a physician, but she is also renowned for her caring and compassionate attitude.